There is good news for Juneal from the Parole Board.  Last week (4/17/15) he received official notification that the Parole Board had set a date for a hearing at which time parole may be granted.   It will be in April, 2017.   In the meantime, Juneal will have two years of “transition,” which starts with some time on “Work Detail.” This involves work on the grounds or in the building of the Community Corrections Center (across the parking lot from the Omaha Correctional Center where he is currently confined).  After Work Detail he will transfer to the Work Release Program in which he will be working at a paid job somewhere outside while continuing to be housed at the Community Corrections Center.  If all goes well during the two transition years, he will be granted parole at the hearing in 2017.  On parole he will be able to live in the community.  Juneal is happy with this two-year transition plan because after nearly forty years of incarceration he is prepared to learn as much as he can in order to live in today’s society.